ways of going home

Ways of Going Home is about many things. Things that depend upon and influence one another, like in life itseslf. Ways of Gong Home is deceptively small and easy to read. He includes little observations that have a very special, playful yet thoughtful quality. You get a feel for Chile in times of earthquakes, both political and the other kind. Among other things, it is a story concerning relationships within families, and with lovers and others. And there are his observations about writing, about being a writer. I was surprised after finishing it to see how young he is. It seems like he would have to be older to have such insight. It is another aspect of the sleight of pen characterizing this work, which seems at times like a collection of fragments, but somehow turns out to be more that the sum of those pieces.

I read this book in part to devote some focus to other cultures and continents. If you are interested, details here.


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