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We were in Japan for a week during our transition from North America to Asia.   Food was a continual challenge there. We took pictures of some funny signs in English, like the one attached.  After one week of rice and tofu, this lover of rice and tofu needed to eat something else. I was also a bit tired of deciphering menus and plastic food models.

Sometimes even a word in your own language doesn’t mean what you think it means. I know Chinese so can recognize the Kanji characters.  When I saw a restaurant in a mall whose name included the Chinese character for beef, I thought beef sounded good. We ordered and the waiter clarified that the restaurant specialized in beef tongue. Thank goodness they had other things, including pork and chicken (not tongue) too.  My partner thought the beef tongue was quite good, though.  Should’ve taken a picture of that as well.

Jolene Hurme, Singapore

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2 Responses to foreign tongue

  1. martininwhangarei says:

    This dislocation of culture and experience is what makes so much foreign travel so enjoyable, enriching and downright befuddling. You have made me smile, admittedly quite wryly. Glad your partner thought beef tongue quite good, its pleasing to know the experience had its rewards.
    PS: I came here via >Language>Place, and am pleased I did!

    • Thanks for your comment, Martin! I am glad about that smile. You are right, travel brings many smiles, along with other expressions!

      – Jolene (steve on behalf of Jolene)

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